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Mr. Arvind, President (SC)

About Them

Mr. Arvind is President is presently working in CBSE as Assistant Secretary. He has did his masters in Social Work from premier institute i.e. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi and law from University of Delhi, Delhi. He had also worked with Indian Govt donor agency i.e. CAPART (MoRD) and in some of the project of World Bank and EU in the development sector. He has very good understanding of the development sector and keen observer of changes in the development arena. He has continuously involve in project making of the organization.

About Them

Father’s Name
Date of Birth
Position in Organization
Mailing Address
: Ram Bhuwan
: Late Tullu
: 1st June, 1961
: Secretary
: Jan Kalyan Sansthan Kolhua, Bramhpur, Gorakhpur – 273 203 Mobile No. 09838107588 E-mail – jks.gkp@gmail.com

Mr.Rambhuwan (SC) Secretary Social Work

Key Qualification


• M.Sc. in Agriculture from BRD PG College, Gorakhpur University, 1985


• Training of Trainers in “Sustainable Agriculture Literacy” from Gorakhpur .Environmental Action Group, Gorakhpur, 2003
• Chief Trainer in “PRI Capacity Building” from Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan, 2002
• Participatory Planning in “Rural Development” from IGNOU 2001
• Save Gramin Campaign in Scientific methods of storage of food grains” from Save Gramin Campaign, 1984

Professional Experience::-

• Experience of Participatory Learning Action (PLA) and Micro Planning monitoring, evaluation and impact study.
• Providing training, knowledge and skill to selected people of Panchayat at members about Act, role and responsibility and providing knowledge of Fund, Function and Finance
• Providing training to farmers about Natural Resource Management, Climate Change and Livelihood.
• Providing training to down trodden people for capacity building. Leadership development, SC/ST. Atrocity Act and Dalit Human Right Monitoring.
• Studies effects of Flood Socio-Economic losses due to flood & water logging in some districts of Eastern UP with assistance of Sahyog and OXFAM and published report.
• Carried out Social Assessment of ICDS with assistance of UP Govt. and Unicef in Jhansi, Banda, Ballia and Deoria districts and published report.
• Carried out study of convergent community action in Allahabad and Rai Barely district with Assistance of Unicef and UP Govt. and did implementation in Rai Barely district for 3 years
• Carried out study of child labours in Carpet Industries in Bhadohi district with assistance of Unicef and UP Govt and submitted reports to Unicef and UP Govt.
• Carried out study of Dalit Leadership Panchayat Raj in Sardar Nagar block of Gorakhpur district with assistance from PRIYA, New Delhi.
• Carried out study of Traditional Medicinal Plants and Housing with assistance from OXFAM Lucknow. A book was published about it by OXFAM.
• Carried out study of 20 villages of Bramhpur block of Gorakhpur district with assistance of ADPC, Bangladesh of Disaster Management and submitted reports of UP Govt. and did advocacy as demanded by community which resulted a road under Pradhanmantri Rojgar Yojana.
• Provided training to selected Panchayat members for six months with assistance from SIPSA, Lucknow in Gorakhpur and Mahrajganj district.
• Provided 2 day training as Chief Trainer to BDOs, Block Pramukhs & Gram Pradhan about Panchayati Raj Act, Role and responsibilities continuously for 25 days in Gorakhpur Sub Division.
• Provided 36 (three days) & 5 (five days) training as Chief Trainer with assistance from GEAG about Sustainable Agriculture Literacy in UP.
• Provided 15 (7 days) training as Chief Trainer on Self invitation in 15 districts of UP.
• Participated in 22 days Padyatra in 4 districts of Eastern UP from 1st June, 2007 to 22nd June, 2007 with assistance from DFID UK about Jal, Jungle and Jamin.

Dr. Asharaf Husain (Muslim)

About Them

*Tutor & lab sassistant at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh From 1984 to 1988.
*Asstt. Professor at N.D.U.A.T. Campus from1989 to 1992
*Courses taught at at N.D.U.A.T. Kumarganj, Faizabad (U.P.)
*B.Sc. Insect developments & classification
M.Sc. Insect Taxonomy
Ph.D. Systematic Entomology


*2001-13 PRESENT-Working as Officer-in charge Khishi Vigyan Kendra (Farm Science centre, Gorakhpur) (N.D.U.A.T., Faizabad) Dealing with resource Conservation technolog, Diversified Agriculture Supporting Project, Transfer of Training to the extension workers & farmers
*1992-2001- Assistant Professor of Entomology/Subject Matter specialist.
* N.D. University of Agricuture & Technology (Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gorakhpur) India.
*Published work during the assessment period:
* #Effects of y-BHC on hatching of the eggs of Musca domestica nebulo Fabr, journal of Enviironmental Research, Sep.18.1981.
* #Ovicidal dffects of two carbamate compounds Propoxur and Devin on the eggs of M.D. nebulo Fabr, journal of Environmental Research, August 9,1981
* # Studies on level of technical knowledge of dairy farmers in rural areas of Eastern U.P. , National Seminar 14 Feb,2004, C.V. Sc.J.A.H., Kumarganj (U.P.)
* #Role of Green Manuring for studying the sustainable system with positive trend in measured output, journal of Dnvironmental Research. Etc

About Them

Agricultural advisor Bihar Government 10 yrs. experience in NGO
राधेश्याम सादा जी मुसहर समुदाय से है जमीन के मुद्दे पर बिहार प्रान्त के पश्चिम चम्पारन जनपद के बैरिया प्रखंड के बाढ़ प्रबाहित ३६५ परिवारों को आवास हेतु जमीन सरकार से दिलाने का काम किया है . दलित फाउंडेशन नई दिल्ली के फेलो रह चुके है .सहभागी ग्रामीण अध्यन के सन्दर्भ व्यक्ति के रूप में उत्तर प्रदेश,बिहार ,उड़ीसा में बहुत सारी संस्थाओ में जाकर काम भी किया है.;यन0 सी0 डी०एच0 आर0 से दस दिवसीय केैडर बिल्डिंग का प्रशिछड़ प्राप्त करते हुए दलित अत्याचार के मुद्दे पर फैक्ट फाइंडिंग का काम किये है .

1. Donation

Bank Account Details for Donation:
i. Name of Bank : Union Bank Of India
Branch : B.R.D.P.G.College, P.O. G.I.State, Deoria
Signatories : 1. Arvind (President) 2. Rambhuwan(Secretary) A/C No. : 558902010889155
ii. F.C.A/C
Name of Bank : Allahabad Bank
Branch : GAJAIKOL, NAI BAZAR, Gorakhpur
Signatories : 1. Arvind (President) 2. Rambhuwan(Secretary)
A/C No. : 21639506481/5991

Mr.Radheshyam Sada (SC)

2. Projects:
Current Projects:

i. PACS Project:
Title: Flood Resilient Livelihood System with special focus on women farmers.
Revenue Land Right
Skill Development

This program is being conducted in 20 GPs of Padrauna block of Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh.Main activities of this project include the following:
1. Master Trainer Meeting: Meetings are held every month with master trainers in 20 GPs and issues and matters are discussed and action plans are decided;
2. Training of women farmer groups: Women leaders 60 women farmer groups were provided training on livelihood, land improvement, MGNREGA and skill development to ensure livelihood of poor people;
3. Laghu Simant Krishak Morcha members of 20 villages were imparted knowledge of their entitlements and rights;
4. Development of Flood Resilience Farming System Model: Forty Model women farmers of 20 villages were provided training on organic fertilizers, plantation and seeds. Money was provided by the organization for levelling the land so that other farmers will also do the same;
5. Farmer field school: Knowledge was provided on different issues through this school;
6. Foundation of village resource centers: Through these centers farmers were provided tools and equipments for reducing agricultural input cost;
Through above activities participants are also given knowledge of different government schemes and awareness is created among them.

ii. Title of the Project: Bio-Intensive Agriculture Technique with Agro-forestry with samall and marginal farmer :

This Program is being conducted in five villages of Ghughali block of Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology of government of India. Through this program, farmers are imparted knowledge of harm of excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are given training and knowledge to reduce the use of these chemical fertilizers and pesticides gradually and bring it to zero and utilize organic fertilizers and pesticides in its place. The following activities are being conducted under this program:
1. Organic exhibitions /DEMOSTRATION 2. Nursery RASING;
3. Training and
4. Soil Testing

iii. Project Title: NES-India-Ensuring access to Land and Livelihood Schemes:

This program is being conducted in collaboration with SARRA (ILC) In four villages of Kushinagar district. The activities include:
1. Baseline survey for collecting information of all the villages and planning in detail;
2. Identification of Dalit, Minority and women farmers and their selection: Women farmer groups of 20 women have been formed in each village. Through our program they are imparted knowledge of low input, integrated farming and leadership development. Special emphasis is given on diversity, and multiple uses of crop cycle ;
3. Establishment of field farmer schools: Farmers schools have been established in each village. These schools provide a platform to the farmers where the share their problems and experiences;
4. Other activities include formation of farmers associations, Capacity building and Publication etc.
iv. ILC- NES ‘Comprehensive Land Reform’Multi –Partner Project:

This program is being conducted in collaboration with Mahatma Gandi Seva Ashram (ILC) India. The activities under this project include the following: 1. Block level NLRTF awareness camps and
2. District level CSO/PO consultation.

Past Projects:

i. Project Title: Dalit Empowerment

This program was conducted in the year 2005-2006 in 10 villages of Chauri Chaura Tahasil of Gorakhpur district in collaboration with Dalit Foundation, New Delhi. The activities carried out under this project included the following:
1. Environment Building: Two types of programs were conducted under this activity for cooperation of Dalit Sub castes like Balmiki, Musahar,Pasi, Chamar,Dhobi, Dusadh etc:

a. Cluster Meetings: Cluster meeting were conducted and knowledge of government schemes were imparted to the participants. Altogether 120 meeting were conducted.
b. Central Meeting: Central Meeting included participants from all the 10 villages. Matters related to Dalit issues were discussed in this meetimg. This resulted formation of Dalit Ekta Sangh.
2. Capacty Building Training: Capacity building training activity included following two programs:

a. Dalit youth leadership training
b. Training on HR & SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act.
3. Dalit Education Centre: Children of the community of village Mundra Bazar, Kuraishi Basti and Mahuabari, Balmiki Basti were provided education through this centre. Following was achieved as result of this program:

a. Good relation among 7 Dalit sub castes.
b. Children of Balmiki community started to get education.
c. Thirteen plots were allotted to Balmiki families by the government for Indira Awas.
d. Environment was built in the concerned 10 villages.
e. Cadre for HR & SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act was built in the concerned villages.

ii. Title of Project: Promoting Organic agriculture for sustainable agriculture and enhanced productivity Small and Minior Farmer:

This was a four year program which was conducted in collaboration with Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in ten villages of Chauri Chaura block of Gorakhpur district. During four year period different activities were organized under this project. Some of them were as under:
1. The community institutions were built in each village to promote the cause of sustainable agriculture.
2. Monthly meetings of farmer club members were held and issues related to MGNREGa were discussed.
3. Villagers and women were given training and were given role of motivator.
4. A five day residential and field training was given to motivators on organic farming.
5. Four hundred farmers were given training on organic aspects covering manure, seed treatment and weed and pest management.
6. A seed bank was established in each village.
7. Organic demonstrations were done.
8. A good understanding was developed among farmer club members on MGNREGA.
Impact of the Project: Farmers are applying organic methods in their farms and they have become able to recognize difference between grain and seed. Acceptability of certified seeds has increased and farmers are using that in their fields. As a result of organic farming production of farmers has increased.

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