Our History


People belonging to landlords, businessmen and labor community live in Gram Panchayat Kolhua.Almost all the people are dependent on agriculture. Labor class people are from Dalit and backward castes. Once in the year 1975-1976, a contract for weeding a field of paddy was given to the labors of the village. But as drought took place that year, the landlord refused to pay the wages to the labors. As the labors asked for their wages several times, the landlord became upset and told the labors not to work in his field in future. The landlord is from village Meethabel which is 10 Kilometer from Kolhua. He has encampment in village Kolhua. He told all the labor class people not to pass from front of his house. One incident took place in 1980. A Dalit boy was given a bicycle in his wedding by his father in in law. Riding on his bicycle, unfortunately the Dalit boy passed from the front of the house of the landlord. The landlord became very angry and called the Dalit boy. Using a rope he tied the Dalit boy with a pillar of his verandah and started beating him up. Hearing his bitter cry, 8-10 Dalit youngmen went to rescue him. But the landlord did not listen them and started to abuse them. The Dalit men lost their patience and they started to beat the landlord. They rescued the Dalit boy and took him to his house. The Gram Pradhan of the village supported the landlord as he was also a landlord. The Gram Pradhan filed a FIR against the 8 Dalit men. The case is still in the court. After this incident the landlord left the village. Co sharer of the landlord looks after his farming works.As the villagers had to face the Gram Pradhan all the time, a meeting was held at 7.00 p.m. on 17th July 1981.This meeting was participated by Dalit and backward class people.In this meeting two important decisions were taken which were as under:
(i.) Ramsamujh Pasi would contest Gram Pradhan Election;
(ii.) An organization would be founded and a primary school in the village would be started as children of the village had to go to distant places for education. During the rainy season children had to cross small rivers also. This resulted formation of ‘Jan Kalyan Sansthan’ and foundation of Primary school in the village. Now this school has developed up to High School and students are studying Arts and Science subjects up to High School. Jan Kalyan Sansthan has also developed a lot. Presently it is conducting its activities in Gorakhpur, Maharajganj and Kushinagar districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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