(iii) Reducing Damage due to Flood Calamities:

Eastern Uttar Pradeshis a flood affected area. Because all the rivers originating from Nepal run through Gorakhpur, Maharajganj and Kushinagar districts and go through Bihar and Bengal to Bay of Bengal. So, floods come naturally in this area. Foods used to come before also. It used to bring fertile soil and leave in this area. It was benefiting more than harming. The people living near the banks of the rivers knew the methods of living and surviving in these areas. But since dams have been built, the rivers have become narrow and the soil coming from Nepal have settled in the bottom of the rivers. Untimely heavy rain causeddue to climate change brings floods in these areas which is proving to be very harmful because people living near the dams don’t know how to cope with the situation.

Now floods are coming more frequently due to breaking down of the dams and causing more damage to property and lives of the people. Keeping the above in mind, in coordination with ICAR, New Delhi, scientists of Agriculture University together with Dr. Dinesh Mishra, Bihar who works with water, JKS is organizing programs for reducing damage due to flood calamities in Gorakhpur, Maharajgang, Deoria and Kushinagar Districts. Our activties include BadhMuktiYatra, Public Hearing, meetings with people and training of Flood Protection Groups & Flood Relief Groups.

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