(iv) Dalit Empowerment:

Education is key of development which opens all the doors. Gorakhpur, Deoria, Maharajganj and Kushinagar districts are situated on Nepal border and are surrounded by rivers. Majority of the people living in Jungles near rivers live in poverty where facilities of education, health and livelihood are minimal. This hampers social, economic and political development of the people. This results the people to stay away from resources and facilities and to exclude them from their rights.

In view of the above, non-formal education is being provided to children of Musahar, Muslim, Bamiki, agriculture laborers and fire brick kiln laborers. Parents of these children are provided awareness through meetings and are imparted knowledge through training programs so that their children would become aware of their entitlements and rights and they would not have to do the same work which their parents are doing. The aim is to make them able to participate insocial, economic and political development process and to do initiative on their own for their entitlements and rights.

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